Our school is unashamedly focused on learning, that is learning for: students, teachers and families.  I have a fundamental belief that education is the greatest form of equity allowing people to achieve their preferred future.
In 2011/12, our school has become arguably the most modern, comprehensive and most complex public school in Tasmania.  We are truly a Birth-Year 12 school community, with state-of-the-art facilities, targeted resources and an outstanding staff who continue to learn and develop.  We are a model school in this state and have the eyes of the education community on what we are doing.
The improvement of St Helens District High School is firmly centered on improving teaching practice.  It is through improved teacher practice we will have the most significant impact on the lives of our students, providing them with the skills, attitudes and dispositions required for them to be life-long learners, global citizens and in a position of choice in life beyond school.
Staff and students at our school are committed to upholding the values and beliefs which make up our values statement, namely:
  Child at the Centre
  Relationships and Respect
  Personal Growth
  Passion for Learning
  Excellence in Teaching
Our school works in discrete teaching teams, each committed to improving the learning outcomes for all students in their care.  This encompasses the whole child; taking care of their spiritual, social, emotional and physical well being.  We have high expectations of student learning, behaviour and school spirit. We are committed to inclusive practice.  Staff and students do whatever is necessary to ensure that students with high and additional needs are cared for and receive the highest quality education.
We have recently committed to a guaranteed curriculum'.  Teachers have identified the Australian Curriculum Content Descriptors that are essential for future learning.  All students are guaranteed this learning and it is this curriculum that becomes a measure for intervention by teachers and support staff.  This model of intervention extends to all students and includes remediation and extension.  It is not sufficient to simply close the gap in student learning, we must continue to raise the bar.  This is unfolding work for us and I'm confident the approach will see even further growth in student learning.
Feedback permeates our improvement culture.  Refining effective strategies for collecting feedback from students is the basis of ongoing team-based action research.  This student to teacher feedback is a key assessment tool.  Team leaders collect feedback from students as the basis of performance conversations with staff.
All elements of our School Improvement Report are stable or trending upwards with high achievement in early literacy, indigenous equity and socio-economic equity.  Our improvement has been recognised by researchers and has warranted our removal from the Raising The Bar funding.
St Helens District High School firmly maintains students at the centre of all we do.  Trusting, respectful relationships are the foundation stones for learning of the highest quality.
I welcome the opportunity to share our school with you.
Anita Haley
Principal, St Helens District High School