Staff Representatives:
Lisa Neubecker, Stuart Lord, Anita Lewis, Anita Haley, Kristen Kelly  
Community Representative:
Heather Butler
Parent Representatives:
Mhari Tucker
Rob McIntyre
Samantha Anderson
Samuel Terry
Jacci Blunt
Fiona Watts
Lisa Harrison
Jeanymaree Jenkinson
As School Association representatives we are here to work together to support our school community.  We aim to support our school to focus on Learners First and to achieve the Tasmanian Education Departments Vision: to develop successful, skilled and innovative Tasmanians and Mission to: provide every Tasmanian with the opportunity to continue to learn and reach their potential, to lead fulfilling and productive lives and to contribute positively to the community.
The School Association provides an opportunity for parents and staff to work together to identify our strengths and successes and opportunities for improvement.   We also support improvements of the physical school environment where other funding is not available e.g. gardens, playgrounds and equipment.  We are able to do this through the work of our wonderful volunteers at our Op Shop, which is a major fundraiser for our school, and we are very grateful for their work.  Remember if you have items to donate to charity all funds raised through the School Op Shop are invested back into our school.
The School Association is here to for you so please don't hesitate to contact any of us for a chat if you have ideas, comments, or issues that you would like to discuss.  Let us all work together to make it a fantastic year for 2016.
Kind Regards,
Fiona Watts