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Our Staff

St Helens District High School is organised into three sub-teams.  Each of these sub-teams is made up of a group of teachers, led by an Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) and is overseen by an Assistant Principal (AP).  The teaching teams have collective responsibility for the wellbeing, learning and care of students in their area. 

Our Primary sector has the K- 6 team.  The secondary sector is made up of the 7-8 (middle school) and the 9-12 team.  A number of specialist staff (Health and PE, Music, ICT, Art etc.) are associated with a range of teams.


Anita Haley

Assistant Principals:  

Heidi Jones   Kinder to Grade 12

Victoria (Tori) Harrison Grade 7-12

Mrs Fiona Taylor    Kinder to Grade 6

Safeguarding Lead:   

Heidi Jones

School Business Manager:     

Mr Sam Terry

Team Leaders:

Kinder to Grade 2 AST: Mrs Kaelene Crossingham

Grade 3-6 AST: Mr Bruce Campbell

Gr. 7-8 AST: Mrs Allison Hyland              

Gr. 9-12 AST: Mr Stuart Lord    


Kinder A & Kinder B  Mrs Jeanette Gilbert/Mrs Kaelene Crossingham

Prep/1 A                  Mrs Ella Chisholm/Mrs Lisa Harrison

Prep/1 B                  Mrs Sharyn Harriss

Prep/1 C                  Mrs Eloise Vincent 

Gr. 2 A                     Mrs Carla Syzcman

Gr. 2 B                     Mrs Emily Garth          

Gr. 3/4A                  Mrs Lisa Lambert

Gr. 3/4B                 Ms Kaleigh Brown         

Gr. 3/4C                 Ms Emily McCormack 

Gr.3/4D                  Mrs Wendy Geale   

Gr. 5/6A                 Mr Leighton Jordan

Gr. 5/6B                 Ms Bree Romet//Mrs Lisa Harrison

Gr. 5/6C                Mrs Emily Payne           

Gr. 7A                    Mrs Kim Braslin

Gr. 7B                   Ms Shanti Sundram

Gr. 8A                    Ms Donna Monish

Gr. 8B                    Mr Joe Harrison

Gr. 9 A                  Ms Caitlin Emmerich

Gr. 9 B                   Mr Robert Ash/Mr Stuart Lord 

Gr. 10A            

Gr. 10B            

Specialist Teachers 

 Quality Teaching Coach Primary - Ms Lisa Neubecker

 Quality Teaching Coach Secondary - Mrs Sarah Hori

 Physical Education       Mr Jay Allen /Mr Luke Webster/Mr Ben Carosi

 Music                              Mr Jordan French

 Art                                  Mr Carl Noonan

 LOTE                               Bu Ali

 Outdoor Ed                     Mr Luke Webster/Ms Gita Walker

 Hospitality                      Ms Melissa Denkinger

 Cooking                          Ms Donna Monish

 IT                                    Ms Kawajit Kaur

 MDT                                Mr Jordan French



Student Support Staff:

School Psychologist                  Jason Thomas                     

Social Worker                           Karen Dunkley                   

Speech Therapist                      TBA                                   

Chaplain                                    Mrs Linda Smithurst

Aboriginal Education Officer      Ryan Knight

School Nurse                            Jen Purtell                                              

Dental Therapist                       63875594


9 Circassian Street
St Helens TAS 7216

Phone: 03 6376 7100